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Eco-Friendly Paradise: These Three Hotels Are Reshaping The Way We Vacation

We can all do our part to help preserve the Earth we inhabit—even when away on holiday. Look no further than these three sustainable properties that are committed to providing quality service and saving the planet.

Wellness is top of mind for anyone on vacation—and several sustainable hotels are helping to reshape what that means. We’ve rounded up properties that are at the forefront of coupling guest experience and the wellness of the environment.

Courtesy of Eaton Workshop

Eaton Workshop

Located in downtown Washington, DC, Eaton Workshop is a mission-driven hotel and co-working space particularly aimed at creating inclusive spaces for marginalized people. The brainchild of founder Katherine Lo, Eaton unites Lo’s passions for the arts and design, multiculturalism, and activism. Just blocks away from the White House, Eaton offers various activities and services to encourage connection to the mind, body, and spirit, including massages, yoga, infrared saunas, meditation, and reiki. The architecture and design nod to historical moments and figures in art, literature and culture, with small details like bluetooth record players with curated vinyls. It also, of course, pays close attention to earth-friendly practices. At Wild Days, Eaton’s rooftop bar and music venue and its three onsite eateries, locally grown ingredients are prioritized. So is recycling—the property is big on glassware. In the hotel rooms, you can find organic products and materials from the certified organic latex and cotton plush pillow-top bed to the Grown Alchemist natural products in the bathroom.

Courtesy of The Palms Hotel & Spa
Courtesy of The Palms Hotel & Spa

The Palms Hotel & Spa

With initiatives like its “Fill A Bucket” and “Beach Cleanup” programs, The Palms gives guests an opportunity to not only enjoy its dreamy beach and property but also actively participate in the preservation of the surrounding area. From eco-friendly toilets to aluminum water bottles, reusable acrylic glasses and metal cutlery on property as well as refillable BeeKind toiletries, The Palms is dedicated to ensuring that guests receive the luxury experience they come for, but leave with an intention to support the environment. Their goal is to demonstrate how each and every one of us can take small steps towards sustainability—even on holiday.

Courtesy of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

1 Hotel (Brooklyn Bridge & South Beach)

In recent years, 1 Hotel has ramped up its sustainability programs and experiences with one goal in mind: the preservation of the planet. Thoughtfully curated spaces are lush with green life and sustainably sourced materials that act as the hotel’s stunning decor. LEED lighting and state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems keep guests comfortable while conserving energy. The hotel’s faucets are equipped with filtration systems, so “good and clean” water is available conveniently without the need for plastic water bottles. And you won’t find plastic pens and paper in any of the guest rooms: chalk and mini boards exist in their place. The South Beach location even has an emission-free Audi e-tron on standby that guests can borrow to explore the neighborhood. And if you fancy good food, the farm-to-table offerings at both locations are as sustainable as they are satisfying.

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