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Sweet Travels: Accra, Ghana

Searching for your next great adventure? This Sweet July series taps top travel enthusiasts to share first-hand insight into their ventures across the country and world, so you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare once you book your ticket. Wishing you safe—and sweet—travels!

Today: Nana Agyemang shares her top tips for vacationing in Accra, Ghana.

Editor’s Note: Agyemang is the CEO and Founder of EveryStylishGirl and references one of EveryStylishGirl’s upcoming Ghana events.

Ghana is one of the most interesting places in Africa. You can call me biased because I am from there, but the reasons why it’s worth packing your suitcase and planning a trip to Ghana ASAP speak for themselves. 

Known for its golden beaches, monumental buildings, traditional markets and lively nightlife, Ghana was one of the first places to gain its independence in Africa. A hub for innovation and business, it’s attracted some of the most successful people in the world for work, long-term living and vacationing. Whether you’re looking to plan a peaceful and safe solo trip soon or you’re ready for a turn-up like no other, Ghana holds the key to your dream vacation. 


For a budget: Bondai GH

This restaurant specializes in Mediterranean and Asian food with an influence of Ghanaian flavor. Their Pad Thai is my favorite dish on the menu. It is filled with seafood and vegetables so fresh that you’ll taste the sea. The one thing I love about Ghana is that all the fresh food is grown locally—you won’t find many preservatives in their dishes. As for the vibe at this restaurant, it is a scene. It is located in Osu, one of the most popular locations in Ghana. There are endless art and crafts shops around the restaurant to browse through after your meal. I highly recommend visiting if you’re an Asian cuisine lover or want some delicious cocktails. 

Dishes at Bondai GH.

For a splurge: KOZO

This is one of the scene-iest and most upscale spots in Ghana. If you want to plan a solo date night or treat  your partner, this is the spot you want to stop by; it’s a romantic and intimate experience that’s only open in the evening. For its stylish ambiance, tropical decor and tasty food like the rock shrimp dish, I think this is my favorite dinner spot in Ghana. 


For a budget: La Villa Boutique Hotel

La Villa is one of Ghana’s best boutique hotels. It has a sleek yet contemporary feel. Whether you want to lounge by the pool all day, shop around the nearby bustling art and fashion district, or indulge in the hotel’s intimate restaurant, you have a plethora of great options. It’s the perfect place for a romantic getaway, girls trip or just some quality time alone. At La Villa, you are saving your coins while feeling like you’re getting a first-class experience. 

For a splurge: Number One Oxford Street 

This hotel is where luxury and relaxation meet. It is a brand new hotel that sits in Accra’s financial district and thriving city of Osu. The hotel has views of the city on one end and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. If you want to immerse yourself in fashion, luxury and culture, this is the place for you. 

P.S. The rumor of there being a luxury sports car parked in the hotel entrance is true. It is truly a futuristic experience as soon as you walk in. 


For a budget: Bojo Beach 

Bojo Beach is one of Ghana’s cleanest beaches with beautiful views. This private beach (a small fee is required for access) is just a short drive from the city center of Accra and serves guests cocktails and local dishes. My favorite meal to order is meat kebabs with onions, peppers and chicken. If you’re really hungry, add on plantains and jollof. 

You can plan to pack light because they don’t allow snacks and drinks on the beach. Just bring your towel, good energy and maybe a stereo to enjoy your favorite music while you relax. Be sure to stay for the sunset—this is when the real surrealism kicks in. 

For a splurge: Sojourn Cabins

If you can get in, this is the ultimate experience. They provide private vacation beachfront cabins. I mean, talk about the ultimate relaxation, right? You are truly taken away from all the noise of the busy city and situated in a secluded and private utopia. If you want to unravel, journal, and sit with your thoughts, this is the wellness experience you need to book.

Bojo Beach
Waterfront wellness at Sojourn Cabins.


For a budget: Burma Camp Saddle Club 

This activity will really get you out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to be an equestrian to visit—the horses are well-trained to be gentle and kind. The activity comes with trainers who work with the Ghana military. They will support you every step of the way during  your lesson.

It’s a great adventure to do with a group of friends or solo. I loved breaking away from the city’s festivities to enjoy my first-ever and very memorable horseback riding experience. Note: this experience does require a membership to the club in order to ride the horses in advance. 

Somewhere in between a budget and a splurge: Sip N’ Slay Ghana

This December, you can join EveryStylishGirl for insightful conversations with leading businesses, media and content creators in Ghana. The event will be hosting intimate conversations focused on building and scaling digital brands, social media businesses and more!

For a splurge: Afrochella 

If you enjoy concerts and festivities, this is the adventure for you. Afrochella is a weeklong festival in celebration of Africa’s diverse culture, Afrobeats music, and the vibrant work of African creative and entrepreneurs. This is one of the things you can’t skip over if you’re planning a December visit.

Horseback riding at Burma Camp Saddle Club.
EveryStylishGirl’s Sip N’ Slay event.

What to Pack

Skin care essentials 

Go heavy on the insect repellent! Ghana is very tropical and you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. This trip is where you should indulge in skin care items, whether it is sunscreens, insect repellents or deodorant. I also recommend packing a mini portable fan for the warm dance parties at night! Beauty brand Ami-Cole is a must—it’s the ideal no-makeup makeup line for a trip to Ghana. Everything feels so lightweight, and it doesn’t sweat off easily. I highly recommend the lip oil, for nourishing your lips and adding a little nude tint. 

A surplus of summer clothes and accessories 

Ghana is pretty hot year-round, so you can leave the sweats at home. You will want to be in loose dresses, skirts, shorts and sandals most of the time. I barely wear sneakers when I am in Ghana because even my toes get hot outside—no joke. Pack all the summer dresses you’ve tucked away, and if you’re in need of some bags and accessories, Vavvoune is a great option. Most Ghanaians dress festive all the time as well,  so pack your nicer clothes. Ghana is definitely a fashion runway at times, especially when you’re going to fancier restaurants and clubs. 

However, during the day plan to be casual and comfortable. Check out Riot Swim, an effortlessly luxe swimwear brand that offers a range in size and styles. 

Lastly, pack a combination of heels and closed-toe shoes. In Ghana, you can go from a rainfall adventure during the day to parties at night. Ghana has so much range!

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