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Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Cancer Season 2022

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

The mama of the zodiac, Cancer, warmly embraces us from June 21 to July 22. We can always count on water seasons to stir the pot of emotions, but there’s a sweetness that Cancercian energy exudes, supporting us to hold space for our feelings, as well as deepen our connections. Cancer season is here to pull you out of your shell and drive you to vulnerably express yourself. 

It’s a season of internally exploring what feels like a safe space for you. Home is not just a place, it’s a state of mind. It’s the loving inner dialogue and compassion we extend to ourselves after having an aggravating day. It’s the time we pour into fixing a meal that nourishes family. The calls we make to check in on our loved ones. So, what is your home frequency? What and who feels like home? There’s been conversations online about living a “soft life”—investigate what areas of your life would benefit from being softer. Your internal GPS, or intuition, has all the answers. With Cancer ruling the Moon and enhancing intuitive downloads, the answers will be a lot more obvious. Lunar energy illuminates life’s blind spots, especially as it relates to our needs, spiritual gifts, familial connections and matters of the home. 

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Cancer | 10 of Swords

Adversity has met you along your path too many times to count over the last four months. Your guides want you to know that these sudden endings were in the spirit of divine intervention and protection. If there’s one thing to focus on as you reflect during your solar return, it’s that you’ve persevered despite it all. Consider the person you were four years ago and think about how they would have responded to trials and tribulations. You’ve grown in the most subtle and unexpected ways, even if it doesn’t feel like it, and that deserves to be celebrated! Sever anything that makes you doubt the person you’re becoming. Release anything you’ve been forcing. New year, new you means old baggage gets left exactly where it is. Your guides demand you to unleash your authentic nature, regardless of how it makes others feel. Wear what you want, eat what you want, do what you want! You deserve to align with every single thing that jump starts your heart and makes you excited to live. Carve out time to connect with your consciousness. Your inner child will direct you to what’s always piqued your interest, such as playful accessories. If it excites you, it’s a sign to go for it!

Leo | The Hierophant

This season reveals the areas in which you’ve matured, and now you’re guided to take it up a notch. You may not recognize the mastery, but the Universe begs to differ. As you elevate, you’re asked to consider what it would look like to share your wisdom with others. Give yourself more credit. An opportunity to teach, mentor or lead will affirm that people do value your insight and view you as someone they aspire to learn from. A new valuable connection will request your presence in more traditional environments like seminars, business retreats, meetings, corporate events, or even church. Dress codes don’t mean you can’t pop out though! Recreate your own version of business casual or formalwear that elevates your unique style. Keep your favorite crop top, but throw a blazer over it with classic jewelry. By the end of the month, a new position or opportunity challenges your imposter syndrome, but you deserve this promotion or title. Embrace a challenge that will push you deeper into your purpose.

Virgo | The Hermit (Reversed) 

The Hermit is your natural archetype—reflective, observant, contemplative, and even a little closed off from the outside world as you plot your master plan. You’re walking into this season with crystal clear messages from the Universe about where you’re being guided and what steps are needed to take to get there. It’s time to catch the blessings from your hard work. Go outside and experience life! Your spirit team is cheering you on from the sidelines, sprinkling mini miracles along your path to affirm that each step you take has been divinely guided. Accept the love from your community and allow them to celebrate you, too. You’ve been humble long enough, there’s nothing wrong with a little flex. It’s clear that there’s still so much you want to accomplish, but small wins deserve their moments, too. Give yourself permission to step out of your comfort zone and into the light. Say “yes” to celebrations, gifts, purchases and experiences that will boost your confidence. Your life is starting to reflect the abundance you’ve worked so hard to achieve, don’t get shy about it now. Your manifestations are unfolding before your eyes. You did that! 

Libra | The Chariot

In the great words of Nipsey, this month feels like your victory lap. You’ve outgrown situations and have been patiently waiting to make your move. The momentum of Cancer season will help you settle any decisions that could change the trajectory of your journey. Some of these tasks are tedious pieces of the puzzle, but you’re knocking out everything on your to-do list. Get your beauty appointments and consultations out of the way, so your schedule is flexible the remainder of the month. There will be lots of things that you’re agreeing to—be aware of the things in your life that are hindering your ability to get up and go. This may even trickle down to transportation. Tend to your car or even learn to ride a bike, rollerblade, or scooter. If you’ve been commuting for work, school or family, you may have outgrown that routine and are moving closer to your better options to suit your needs. Your keywords for this season are freedom, flexibility, drive, consistency and determination. A weight will be lifted off of your shoulders when you take action—often we realize that it was our mind that was actually holding us back. 

Scorpio | The Devil

What attachments are preventing you from your spiritual responsibilities? Cancer season poses this question with breadcrumbs. There are important tasks that need to be completed this month that have been pushed aside long enough. Even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes a day, intentionally tackling the things that are calling your attention will make the process of completing it much easier. It will make you feel better to know you took a small stride, because you know you won’t be able to stop thinking about it until you get it done anyway. As bonded as you are to your work and daily routines, the intuitive nature of the season entices you to deepen your connection to the Universe and, in turn, yourself. Your intuition is telling you exactly what you need to do, but you may still be committing to things you secretly despise. You have a decision to make. If your commitments feel too weighted, remember that you can always call your energy back. A sacrifice may be required, but if it’s worth your peace of mind, it’s worth letting go of. Light a candle to ignite your inner voice and reaffirm what you know is right deep inside.

Sagittarius | Ace of Wands

Your theme song this season is “Find Your Way Back” by Beyoncé. You realize that everything is in divine timing when old ideas, hobbies and passions find their way back to you. Present-day memory is manifesting as childhood nostalgia and dreams. Along the way, you may have disconnected from these desires or were pulled away by family members, but they’ve always been a part of you. Now is the time to trust the magnetic pull and trust where your higher self is leading you. Wear more pink, or keep pink roses in your environment to awaken your heart. A more authentic version of you blossoms as you re-remember your divine essence and immerse yourself in experiences that validate your true nature. Who were you as a child? What did you enjoy doing? If you can’t remember details, interview family members to collect pieces of the puzzle. Consider how you can bring more love and passion into your life by revisiting those childhood aspirations. It’s a balance of inner child healing and awakening your divine purpose. Several “aha” moments will affirm what you’ve always known to be true. 

Capricorn | Page of Pentacles

Sometimes you don’t recognize how insightful, educated and experienced you are, but those around you do. You’ll recognize, especially through social media, that you have a community of people who want you to tap your wisdom to assist them in their path, too. Your DMs and emails are likely filled with inquiries about your journey, or even mentorship requests. They want to know how you were able to achieve the things you’ve done thus far. With success under your belt, you have new tools to monetize from. You may have your frustrations as it relates to social media, but this season you’ll be tapping into new ways to make it work for you. What have you mastered and now feel confident educating others about? You may lean towards designing webinars, workshops, templates or guides to share your magic. Start jotting down ideas that come to you now and organize a questionnaire to determine what people want to see or learn from you. Repeated themes will clarify which routes to pursue. You’ll realize that something that comes naturally to you can be a new source of income!

Aquarius | The Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

Cancer season feels like a wild card as matters of the past re-emerge to be settled. You may have set the intention to release this thing, but the Moon tells you that an emotional connection remains. Moving on is both an emotional and physical decision. In order to fully heal, lean on your community to help you unpack and pose uncomfortable questions that get to the root of this attachment. Were you ready to move on or do you feel like this choice was made for you? Your sensitivities are your warning lights, bringing your attention to situations that could’ve been handled with more empathy and consideration. Learn more about your astrological moon sign to provide clues for alchemizing your emotions into empowering decisions. Make peace with your past by forgiving yourself for any premature conclusions that were made. Clear the air and wipe your slate clean so you can concentrate on the future with a clear conscience. The Universe has your back as your tether between your emotional and physical realms. Regardless of the bumps along the journey, you’re ending this season standing in your truth and disconnecting from a version of yourself you no longer identify with. This is what being grown looks like!

Pisces | Page of Cups

Spontaneous urges feed your soul this season! Dip your toes in new creative outlets, take heed of blossoming connections and unlock pleasant surprises along the way. Cancer season comes bearing unexpected blessings from the Universe. These gifts are extended to your community, too. May your blessings be their blessings! This is the perfect opportunity to peel back layers and get to know your neighbors and co-workers through communal gatherings, events and short getaways. Pivots and minor changes are to be expected. What may initially feel like an inconvenience is actually a push in the right direction. Stay adaptable and look for the silver lining in these situations! Received the wrong order? Maybe that present was meant for you. Your hair didn’t come out the way you expected it? You might’ve found a new look that suits you. It’s an intuitive time for you, so see where the season draws you. Creative solutions and inspiration greets you in nature. Take the scenic route home, say yes to random lunch plans. A spontaneous day trip? Why not?

Aries | The Emperor

Somewhere along the way, we’ve associated bossing up with having a jam-packed schedule with little time for play and family. This month, you’ll be considering life-changing decisions that dictate the security of your future. You’ll figure it out—you always do! If you’ve gotten your taste of leadership and it just doesn’t vibe with you, you might find yourself returning to your old life with less day-to-day responsibilities. We work to live, but we don’t live to work…at least we shouldn’t. When obligations in your life get overwhelming, consider your options: delegate, prioritize, release or withdraw. If you decide to see it through, treat each task as a treat. For example, if there’s an investment you have to make, you can say “I thank the Universe for providing me with the income to make my dreams come true!” This attitude of gratitude shifts the intention from a burden to a blessing. No one ever said it would be easy, but leading a life that feels authentic to you sets the foundation for you to live comfortably and thrive in the years to come. Your future self and those who will get to experience alongside you will thank you!

Taurus | 7 of Swords

Your intuitive antennas are transmitting important information that may contradict what your eyes show you. Trust your instincts—they never steer you wrong! If it doesn’t feel good to you, then it isn’t. Not everyone will agree with your decisions this month, but don’t allow that to take you out of character. Self-respect looks like trusting your own instincts and moving accordingly, even if those around you don’t see it. Walking with integrity may have you feeling like a lone wolf, but vibes never lie. Remain neutral in social settings and give the Universe time to deliver karma. Wear your affirmations as a token of your truth. Your path this season feels different, but the Universe is making space for authentic expression. You deserve to be supported by people who see and respect who you are, not what they want you to be. Lead your own path and the divine will respond with loving beings that match that energy. No fake relationships are allowed where you’re headed. 

Gemini | 5 of Pentacles

When the 5 of Pentacles shows up, there’s always a lesson in your expectations with resources, relationships and finances. This may not be the most financially prosperous season for you, but abundance has always been yours. It’s the knowingness that your needs will always be met, despite the nuances. Check the negativity out the door and lean on everyday luxuries. Fresh foods to eat, clean water for your bath rituals, friends and family that love you. Draw your attention to every little thing that works in your favor to distract you from changes that are out of your control. This may trickle down to your expectations around your community and when they show up for you. You may not receive the support you anticipated, but don’t allow that  to cast a shadow over the times when they did. Hibiscus is the perfect plant ally to bring out the beauty in all experiences that are happening for the better, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Call on your mama, grandmamas, aunties and the feminine figures in your life to uplift you. Maternal energy is your medicine this season. Compliment these vibes with empowering affirmations and music that reminds you of your inherent wealth!

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