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Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Leo Season 2022

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

The summer vibes are fully activated once the sun moves into the vibrant sign of Leo on July 22 until August 22. It’s “main character energy” season, but the heart activations are most noteworthy. Our attention pivots to our desirability. We’re yearning to be seen, felt and heard by those we admire.  If summer love is on your agenda, sensual energy is in the air! Embrace the fullness of your character, including the little quirks that define who you are. While Chiron, the wounded healer, retrogrades this month, it may trigger childhood memories that splintered your self-perception. Honor what comes up for you and practice radical acceptance. Combat your insecure thoughts with an affirmation practice. Courageously enhance your personal style by embracing your natural mane and making bold changes that make you feel free to be who you are! Prune away anything that makes you second guess yourself.

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Leo | Queen of Wands

In true lioness fashion, you were divinely designed to be a magnetic force and your birthday season is the pinnacle of your radiance. The people around you can attest that you always appear self-assured, even when  you’ve struggled with your confidence. From hair experiments to playing around with your personal style, you are able to own each moment. When you find yourself stumbling outside of your comfort zone, remember that you’ve already mastered the art of authentic expression. Who you are can be many things! Continue to unbind yourself through fashion and beauty to express your mood each day. Don’t allow yourself to be put in a box. Once you entertain the idea of dimming your light to protect yourself from the criticism or judgment of others, you stray further away from who you inherently are. Your purpose relies on your ability to impact the world around you by simply being. If you’ve reached a crossroads in your purpose, take into consideration that it’s less about what you do and more about who you are. Make your life your mission statement! When you shine your light, you give permission to your community to do the same. The Universe is telling you to turn up the heat. Restore that energy through activities like hot yoga or the sauna. 

Virgo | 5 of Swords

Whilst Leo season encourages us to stay true to ourselves, it could feel like a reminder of all of the moments you did the exact opposite. Your challenge from the divine is to not wait until it’s too late to express yourself. Do as you feel in the moment. Get out of your head! The blockages you’re currently encountering likely stem from matters of the 5th house: the house of pleasure in astrology, ruling your creativity, romance, love, artistic interests—what you value and desire. If things have felt stifled in those areas, remove your limitations by eliminating your expectations, the main culprit feeding your fears. You are so much more dynamic than you give yourself credit for and once you give others the opportunity to bask in your light, they’ll affirm this too. Work on not canceling out opportunities that will help you and your gifts reach more people. You’ve always been a hidden gem, and the Universe is on your side to help you muster up the confidence to come from hiding. By the end of the month, you may have an opportunity for redemption and to position yourself in the public eye. Avoid the “what ifs.” Don’t miss out on the opportunities to shine.

Libra | Lust (Strength) 

Emotional transparency is requested this season as the Universe asks you to filter out any relationships, opportunities and connections that may be taking up space. Too many doors open can plant seeds of confusion. Give your attention only to what feeds your soul. When you keep a tight grasp on something that is not for you, you also prolong investing the necessary time and energy into what is for you. Starve your ego of superficial connections and realign with reciprocal energy. Ask yourself: “Is it good for me and am I good for it?” Rely on your intuition to simplify your life and  determine vibrational matches. Leave little room for gray areas—if it’s not an absolute “yes,” then it’s an absolute “no.” Work on becoming a master to any lustful indulgences by calling your energy back, creating boundaries for yourself and strengthening your will. You will leave Leo season feeling empowered that you made decisions that not only served you, but others too. Clarity may come after a much-needed detox, recommitting you to your wellness practices or strength training. Your mantra this season? Starve the ego, feed your soul!

Scorpio | The Fool

You are one step closer to becoming who you are destined to be! Leo season greets you with a new beginning, sparking an energetic upgrade. Your inner child crawls from beneath the surface, pushing you into new leaps of faith. As a result of these changes, you will begin cultivating relationships that compliment this new version of yourself. Your sacral chakra is the energy center being activated this month: explore new creative outlets, immerse yourself in pleasurable experiences, romance yourself (and allow others to!), and wear/eat more orange! A dance class, yoga or other hip-opening movements will release pent-up emotional energy that may have been stored in your body for years. This new journey will encourage you to shine your light and share more of your life. Maybe being in the spotlight isn’t so bad after all! Wear your confidence as makeup and forget about how others may see you. This vibrational shift will spark memories that transport you to your childhood as a reminder of how far you’ve come. Transmute any painful experiences into love and try to appreciate those moments for shaping who you are today. Hold yourself with loving compassion, take off your armor and give yourself permission to be free! 

Sagittarius | Ace of Pentacles

The season ahead introduces a new beginning that almost feels too good to be true. The last couple of months, you’ve been laser-focused on making financial sacrifices to put you ahead. Finally, you will start to see your returns on investments. Embrace the ease and accept that you are settling into a life that brings you joy while supporting your lavish lifestyle. A blossoming business partnership, job, educational opportunity, or relationship is being divinely directed towards you. It affirms the abundance and prosperity that is becoming your new normal. Expect significant changes in the home environment, for you may be met with a chance to move, create a home office, plan for a celebration, or even invest in a new property. Connect with your soul family by taking time to listen to their plans and goals for the future. As a result, a business partnership with a close friend or family member could blossom. You create your own luck this month by being charitable and accommodating to the people around you. Give what you can with an open heart and don’t forget to treat yourself in the process. This is the break you’ve been waiting for.

Capricorn | The Chariot

While the sun shines, your sense of wanderlust feels uncontainable. Mother nature requests your presence, and in exchange for your time and energy, your stamina will be revitalized. Any signs of mental fogginess will diminish, too. The nurturing nature of Cancer season provided ample time to reground and stabilize your foundation. Leo energy fuels you with confidence to get back out there and return to your goals, especially if you’ve gotten off track. The more you move your body in day-to-day activities, the more clear-headed, driven, focused, and kinder you’ll be. Explore nature’s medicine through working with herbal allies by way of elixirs, baths, or even mushroom tonics. Wake up earlier to watch the sun rise or stay up later to moon gaze. Realign with nature’s cycles to support healthy sleeping patterns. You’ll find that your most creative ideas blossom when you first wake up or right before you go to sleep. Restructuring your day to ensure you have moments outside will be a game changer to your mental health, especially if you decide to work in an outdoor setting. Be generous with the time you invest into your non-professional goals, those matter too. 

Aquarius | 10 of Pentacles

The magic occurs when you live in the moment. As a future-forward, fixed sign, it can be challenging for you to adapt to a “carpe diem” kind of lifestyle. But give yourself permission to stray away from the plan, regardless of how long it took you to execute it. You have a natural gift of being a trendsetter, and straying away from conventional ways of thinking and being. Release the timeline you created for yourself and passionately rekindle the spark with childhood fantasies and bucket list activities. Trust in the divine timing of how your life unfolds and how long it takes for you to accomplish your dreams. Don’t be afraid to pivot or re-route yourself, regardless of how settled you currently feel. It could feel like you’re lengthening your journey, but it takes time to design a life that hasn’t been lived before. You’re on the brink of a breakthrough. Remember to pace yourself and make wise financial decisions, especially when making a career change or re-evaluating your finances. Being an architect of your own life is how you break generational cycles. Old keys won’t unlock new doors.

Pisces | Ace of Pentacles

What’s meant for you can never be taken away from you. The Universe asks that you trust the process and maintain a positive attitude in stressful scenarios. Even when it doesn’t appear to be, things will work out in your favor! Reflect on how you can bring more ease to those situations by not allowing your emotions to get the best of you. Be adaptable and open to hearing alternative solutions, your Plan B may be the divine’s original plan. Move with the ebbs and flows and beware of projecting negativity onto others that may be trying to help you. After a moment of inconvenience, your spirit team will follow up with a replacement opportunity that will restore your faith. Release any attachments to your past that are compromising new relationships, jobs or moves. Instead of focusing on what can’t be changed, draw your attention to what can! You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

Aries | 7 of Pentacles

Being the first sign of the zodiac holds a strong reputation of fearlessness in the pursuit of trying new things. Whilst you are prone to initiating change, the Universe suggests you put a halt on diving into anything new and take time to reevaluate the projects, routines, relationships and responsibilities at hand. Are you being challenged enough? Do you feel safe to be authentic yourself? Heart check-ins and honest inner dialogue is encouraged to regulate where you stand in your commitments. If something hasn’t been working, it will become more apparent this season. Assess your progress and edit out any tasks that aren’t stimulating tangible results, especially in your skincare routine. Milestones are most impactful when you can reflect on the hard work that took you to get there. In the past, you may have been prone to short-term solutions, but you are remembering that sustainable success may take longer to cement. Intentionally invest your time and energy into situations that you sense in your heart will be abundant. Take the necessary steps to plan towards your future and adopt new habits that secure your stability such as strengthening your credit or planning for retirement. You’ll find favorable outcomes when investing in significant lifestyle changes this summer. 

Taurus | 9 of Swords

The fiery qualities of Leo energy strongly influence the intensity of your conversations throughout the season. From inner dialogue to small talk, be cautious of your tone and attitude as you find the words that come from your heart. Maintain a journaling practice or build a relationship with a therapist to bring understanding to unexpected news, breakdowns or breakthroughs. Be gentle with yourself and replenish your spirit with affirmations that ground your mind. Don’t let anything break your soul, including your ego! Rather than feeding your insecurities with self-doubt, investigate how they got there in the first place. Travel back in time and consider how you’ve been conditioned to think or be a version of yourself that you no longer identify with. Are there any low-vibrational thought patterns that are blocking your abundance? Are there conversations you’ve been replaying in your head that are doing you more harm than good? Write a list of things from your past you want to release and burn it on the full moon. Beware of internalizing people’s projections or opinions of you. Honor your truth and make peace knowing that your truth may differ from someone else’s experience—it doesn’t make yours less valid.  

Gemini | 6 of Wands

You are taking great strides to the finish line. You know how determined and persistent you’ve been, but others will be able to recognize it, too. This is what being in your power feels like. Celebrate all of your wins. You are hitting personal milestones that validate the sacrifices and changes you’ve made over the last few months. Setting goals for yourself and maintaining consistency breeds inevitable success. If you’re still working towards a goal, you’ll begin to see small gestures that indicate you’re heading in the right direction. From beauty to style and beyond, nothing is off limits as you reinvent how you show up in the world. With new accomplishments, it’ll be beneficial for you to update your resume, apply for a leadership position or renegotiate your contracts. Beware of energy vampires—only surround yourself with those who you trust are genuinely happy for you. Your story could be a pivotal lesson in someone else’s journey, so generously share your recipe for success.

Cancer | The Magician

The real magic occurs once you recognize that you are the magic. Your true power lies in the amalgamation of thinking positive thoughts, emotionally connecting to your desires, utilizing your divine gifts, cultivating a relationship with your higher wisdom and taking the action that supports your intention. Your relationships and partnerships are the primary focus of the season, but you’ll also express yourself through jewelry; you’ll find yourself clinging to a specific piece, making a jewelry investment or even designing your own heirloom. If there’s a strong pull towards a romantic relationship or a business partnership, begin setting intentions to pull it into your world. Write down what that relationship will look and feel like. Be as specific as possible, because the Universe is listening! Bring more love into your life by considering how your community can bring you closer to this goal. When you recognize what a gem you are to your friends and family, you’ll be able to see that there are so many people who will support you, if you let them. You will naturally be manifesting miracles this month by being at the right place at the right time.

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