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Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Pisces Season 2022

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

Expect the free-flowing, introspective energy of Pisces season to introduce us to our unique gifts, intuitive hunches, emotional sensitives and lots of creative downloads. As the romantic vibes kick in, we may feel like throwing on those rose-colored glasses to add softness and empathy to our daily reflections. This doesn’t mean romanticizing unpleasant experiences, but opening our hearts to extend compassion to ourselves and others. Take heed of what your dreams are revealing. These subconscious conversations are noteworthy, so keep a journal on deck. Have you ever tried to manifest a goal using a visualization technique? Give it a try this month, accompanied by your fave playlist or dreamy Pinterest board! 

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.) 

Pisces | Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune

You are undergoing beauty surgery this month! Okay, maybe not literally, but nothing is resonating anymore. A refresh is slowly approaching as your go-to beauty staples aren’t hitting like they used to. You’re tired of your old routines and on top of it all, the clothes in your closet don’t feel reflective of who you are today. Things can get kind of weird when you start to feel like an outsider in your old life because your needs are changing. As you begin to examine your latest needs, purge old belongings and designate a new signature look to ground your energy. It can be overwhelming to conjure up a new visual identity as your home, style and self-care changes but finding one beauty or fashion product to keep in the rotation—something that screams you—will make you feel connected to self. When Tracee Ellis Ross walks into a room, you can spot that Ruby Woo lipstick from a mile away! Or think H.E.R and her love affair with an oversized sunny. For starters, play around with a bold nail color and see what sticks!

Aries | Tarot Card: 6 of Cups 

This month you are in a period of transition as you know you’ll have to choose yourself by walking away from undeserving experiences and situations you’ve outgrown. These changes in your life are a product of a revelation or “aha” moment you have about your future and what that will look like for you. Are there areas of your life you’ve abandoned as you took on a new role or responsibility? It becomes more apparent as you begin your trek to reignite that spark and satisfy any cravings. Retail therapy or pouring yourself in your wellness journey may be your medicine of choice, but beware of falling into escapism and neglecting your discontentment. A gratitude journaling practice can help you find peace and appreciation for all your experiences in the midst of changing variables. It will also help you understand your internal needs so you can advocate for yourself and move forward with clarity. You may find comfort in practicing alchemy by remodeling around your house or repurposing pieces in your closet to give them new purpose. Experiment and see how you feel…sometimes it isn’t necessary to take a brand new path, we’re just creatures of nature that get tired of our day-to-day routines.

Taurus | Tarot Card: 7 of Swords

Self-prioritization is at the top of your priority list this month! No one is going to look out for you the way you do, and Pisces season calls on you to do a check-in with yourself and honor your internal needs. Sometimes, self-care is selfish, but who said that’s a bad thing? Making decisions that are in your best interest has a greater effect on your community. If you are not showing up as your best self, your family and loved ones are the first recipients of that energy. You’ve got guilty pleasures on your mind and a responsible indulgence may be in order! If it makes you feel good, don’t deny it. After all, you’re kind of the master of that work-play balance! This month you’ll be getting crafty as you find shortcuts to luxury and pleasure, like upgrading your linens, making your bedroom your own oasis. Subtle upgrades in your environment this month make the tedious tasks more fulfilling. As long as it isn’t compromising your coins, treat yourself. 

Gemini | Tarot Card: Knight of Wands

There’s some pressure to make a major decision this month, a choice of what logically makes sense versus where your passion lies. What’s for you won’t always compute to everyone, but you’ll find peace knowing you moved authentically. A surge of energy and creative inspiration is flowing to you, through a new connection or endeavor. This newfound passion is not only invigorating, but nudging you to take more risks in your life, especially when it comes to your style and expression. Consider picking a few unique beauty products (from eyeshadows to lippies) or jewelry pieces that typically don’t get much play on the day-to-day and store them on a vanity tray. Something tells me you have a few things in your bathroom all saved up for a rainy day! Each week, find a way to incorporate one of those products into your regimen, even if it totally contradicts your approach to fashion or beauty that day. If you get too deep into your head, you’ll miss out on the magic. Innovation is on the horizon if you surrender to the switch-up. Grace Jones is your muse for the rest of February! Push boundaries, go outside of your comfort zone, honor your creative urges. This sacral chakra energy will give you the boost of confidence you need to make a spirit-led choice that feels right, more than anything else. It’s all about the vibes! 

Cancer | Tarot Card: 2 of Cups

As a lover and nurturer with a maternal spirit, your relationships and connections can naturally tug on your heart strings. When your energy is being pulled from different environments, with family members, co-workers, and associates demanding your energy, it gets exhausting. Sometimes you fold by putting their needs and requests before your own, but not this month. Some of these roles have disconnected you from your natural self and perhaps over the Mercury retrograde you’ve found yourself reminiscing about the person you were before the partnership, the kids, the career… and that’s nothing to feel guilty about. You are on a sacred quest to restore balance in your life. Is your inner world reflecting your outside world? Are your relationships reciprocal and life-giving? Do you breathe life into yourself as you do others? Call back your energy by dedicating time for yourself to just be. A mini staycation or spa treatment is long overdue, don’t forget to pack your self-care kit!

Leo | Tarot Card: The Moon 

You won’t be able to escape the dreamworld this month, as your subconscious drops breadcrumbs, leading you to valuable information and truths. Often, our dreams reveal thoughts and realities that our consciousness would prefer to sweep under the rug or paint a new face over. Embrace your sixth sense this month by making dreamwork a ritual, initiated with a hot cup of Sweet Dreams Tea, helping you recline into the astral world. With your intuition being your greatest guide at this time, it’ll support your connection to your emotional world, feeling things that may be unseen. You’ll just be knowin’! This will especially be supportive in your relationship with a Libra, or those who have legal actions or written contracts on the table this month. Blue is your power color as you tap in with your third eye chakra. Dress and beautify yourself with intention through different shades of blues—turquoise jewelry, navy mascara, periwinkle nail polish… the options are limitless! Go with your gut.

Virgo | Tarot Card: 9 of Pentacles

Your work ethic is unmatched, but what is the point of it all if you aren’t taking the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? You’ve made sacrifices that are now beginning to manifest as material abundance, financial freedom and independence. You have so much to celebrate and you are encouraged to luxuriate, taking moments to soak in the comfort you’ve created for yourself. You no longer have to deprive yourself of certain experiences, your spirit guides want you to enjoy and treat yourself! Don’t hesitate to take the plunge on a big purchase or splurge a little—from that handbag you’ve been admiring for years to a much-deserved lavish vacation. Or maybe it’s investing in your environment to make it more aesthetically pleasing. If reward systems are your jam, consider keeping a manifestation journal or master wish-list of desirable purchases that come to mind. As you check off things from your to-do list or hit a goal, refer back to your list and treat yourself! You’ll feel less guilty spending the extra bucks because you earned it! Lack is a thing of the past, so get acquainted with the abundance you are stepping into—it is just the beginning. 

Libra | Tarot Card: 3 of Swords 

Living a more holistic lifestyle and developing healthy coping mechanisms is a driving force toward the end of this month. An experience, revelation or conversation that happened around February 3rd could have been a catalyst that brought forth this abrupt life change, though it may have been initially triggering or disappointing. One of the greatest gifts of life is having free will and exercising it by deciding to pivot or realign at any given moment. Taking that first step isn’t easy, but each day if you commit to making one small decision that can make your journey easier or more fulfilling in the future, it becomes your light at the end of the tunnel. Small changes everyday birth massive life changes in the future. Commit to more home-cooked meals made with love—Ayesha’s treasured cookbook has tons of ideas to pull from. Drastic lifestyle changes can feel inhibiting, and depriving yourself of the things you enjoy creates more temptation. Instead of searching for the quickest way to results, take a slower and steadier approach to nurturing and strengthening your body. These mini changes are easier to integrate into your daily lifestyle, habits that you can maintain with freedom and flexibility!

Scorpio | Tarot Card: 4 of Cups 

Your perception may be a little jaded this month. As you wait for a new blessing to pour down on you, swamped by boredom or discontentment, are you slacking on gratitude and prayer? Don’t forget to count your blessings as they already are! Reflect on your journey and all of the experiences that have guided you to where you are today. Align yourself with a grounding practice to bring you back into your mind, body and spirit. Connect with solar energy to revitalize your energy, confidence and give a much-needed boost of vitamin D. Go outside, take a nature walk, ground your feet into the earth. If you’re in a more frigid environment, invite the sun’s energy into your life by working with sun-ruled plants, herbs and spices, like a turmeric glow bar. Add cinnamon in the mix, too, to uplift your energy. Spoiler alert: radical shift is on the horizon, as your intuitive self has probably felt. But don’t allow that anticipation to manifest into boredom or contentment as you wait for the penny to drop. There are still sweet opportunities being taken for granted. Actively lift your vibrations and return to joy. Connecting with children could also be the medicine you’ve been missing.

Sagittarius | Tarot Card: Death

This month may feel like a time of mourning, putting an end to old cycles, patterns, habits, jobs and relationships that have run their course. Pay attention to any red flags that surface and rely on your internal compass for clarity. The energy of the month is death and rebirth at the same time. As one door begins to close, you are blessed with a new opportunity blossoming as its replacement; a confirmation from the divine that you are on the right path. Cultivating a spiritual practice is imperative as you move through the changes. You may feel compelled to attend church, connect with a spiritual community or learn more about ancestral veneration. If there is a loved one who has passed on, you will be reminded of them this month, perhaps through conversation, coming across an old photograph, or in your dreams. Surrender to the change by cutting loose ends and doing the necessary purging around the house: clean out your closet, donate items, organize your pantry, and stop hoarding those beauty products!

Capricorn | Tarot Card: 3 of Swords

As the emotional and mental weight of the last few years hover over you, it can feel nearly impossible to wrap your head around “what’s next.” It’s like you feel that you’re supposed to be moving forward, but there’s these nagging triggers or unexpected moments that zap you back to grief. The new year has been a reminder of all that has changed and what you’re still holding on to from the past; from missing big family gatherings to new relationships and, of course, financial shifts. You’re still trying to get a grasp of your “new normal.” Give yourself permission to honor all the feelings that surface this month, as well as open yourself up to new mediums to unwind and decompress. Exploring what feels good and feeds your soul is exactly what your spirit yearns for. Deepen your commitment to self-healing by slowing down to process the change. Try a bath with CBD bath salts to release any built up tension stored within your body. This cleansing may lead to a much-needed emotional release that will help you reclaim your energy and feel more connected to self. Internal roadblocks are to be expected this month, so put your healing on the top of your priority list by being gentle with yourself. And, why not take the extra time to look good when it feels like it will be “one of those days?” Claim how you desire to feel by how you show up for yourself!

Aquarius | Tarot Card: 3 of Pentacles 

As a non-conformist with an innovative point of view, you’re always dreaming up new ways to bring people together and Pisces season is no exception! You will find your heart expanding as you get your dose of soul food through collaborative efforts and uniting people with distinctive gifts, talents and skillsets. If you are feeling called to be a dot-connector, liaison, or hostess with the mostest, go for it! You understand that there is power in numbers and when people come together under a single intention, magic is made! As you chat with your family and friends this month, you’ll sense that the common need is rest, rejuvenation and even meditation. If there’s anyone that can bring their tribe together for a wellness ritual or group meditation it’s you! Set the tone by lighting up a candle as purifying sage and relaxing lavender fill up the space. Sometimes it’s harder to make the time to care for ourselves, but when you share that sacred time with loved ones, it forces each of you to be present and hold each other accountable as you prioritize self-care. With community building in mind, you may even have conversations about coming together for a new business or project. You are the driving force behind community abundance this month, sharing what you can and supporting your people in doing the same. Consider creating a group chat with a diverse list of invitees to exchange ideas like trending beauty products, recipe planning or wellness routines. Encourage everyone to ask questions and spread the wealth!

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