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Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Taurus Season 2022

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

When the sun touches down in the earthy, tactile sign of Taurus, we collectively yearn for stability and explore that energy through the senses. Our connection to mother Earth is heightened this season, enchanting us to commune in nature and immerse ourselves in her natural abundance. Plan a family picnic outdoors, spend a little extra time making your fancy charcuterie board, design aesthetically pleasing flower arrangements—get your life! We’ll feel prone to rewarding ourselves with the luxuries available to us, especially since we’ve been putting in that work. 

However, rather than impulsively spending, Taurus energy wants us to create long-term stability while maintaining a firm work-play balance. As the vibes of fiery Aries settle, we have support to truly ground ideas and open ourselves up to bountiful blessings. It’s a time to implement strategies such as crystallizing our bodies, nurturing our home and families, and rooting financial habits. Abundance transcends material wealth. How will you embody this energy through your actions? How will you care for yourself, the environment and others?

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Taurus | 3 of Pentacles

Another year around the sun equates to moments of deep reflection centered on your evolution and manifestations. You can be hard on yourself, but your growth is illuminated through your surroundings and environment. Your life has changed because you have changed! With your kick-ass work ethic and knack for socializing throughout the years, you’ve been blessed to meet, break bread and connect with like-spirited folks from all walks of life. These are brilliant minds with varying gifts and interests, and you may start to wonder what it could look like if you were the one to weave these personalities or work with them more closely. With your peers reflecting your brilliance back to you, consider how you can use your network to your advantage by sharing opportunities, exchanging valuable information, trading resources, and, of course, putting each other on. There will be opportunities to bridge unique perspectives together under a common dream, but carefully consider who could be your co-pilots along the ride. You could be reminded of why you’ve felt drawn to maintain certain relationships, even after years of not connecting regularly. Sometimes space apart is needed to harness individual crafts and in divine timing, Spirit will unite you under a new purpose. People from the past are popping up to pitch ideas, meet up for a brainstorm session, consult you for professional guidance or offer new perspectives that could strengthen your gifts. Icebreakers like card games are the perfect way to rekindle the flame. Expansion requires valuable insight, so tap in with networks, social groups and communities that pique your interest, especially if you’re feeling pulled to acquire a new skill. Announce your pending goals to trustworthy companions and don’t be afraid to allow your gifts to take up space. You’re so close to connecting with an important piece of your puzzle

Gemini | Ace of Pentacles

If it’s not a blessing in disguise, it’s a blessing asking to be disguised. Taurus season bears new fruit that naturally champions discretion. When the Universe plants a new seed revealed as a hidden talent, unknown opportunity, mysterious person or unconventional investment, you’ll be called to intuitively sense if it’s worth investigating or investing in. Take your time to unravel the pieces to determine if it aligns with your life at this time. Don’t bite anything that you cannot chew, your guides may be placing this thing on your path to save for a rainy day. It wouldn’t hurt to create a new fund for lifestyle investments or new expenses that suit your natural desires: travel, self-care, home improvement, wardrobe, beauty treatments, design elements, or plants. There’s an intoxicating energy reminding you that life is worth living and enjoying the fruits of your labor is imperative! Throughout this Taurus season, an unexpected blessing will push you towards a little indulgence, retail therapy or pleasurable moments behind closed doors. It’s a peace offering from your guides as a tangible sign of new beginnings on the horizon. If you’ve had your eye on an item, you’ll likely opt for something that makes you feel sexy, designed by an iconic fashion house, or vintage items that hold sentimental value. With style in mind, you’re feeling empowered to level up your image and make a subtle change that feels iconic to you, at the very least. Your next era is loading; start preparing now! 

Cancer | 9 of Cups

The energy of the season ahead is that life’s pleasures are meant to be explored, and not just when we’re feeling depleted and in dire need of a pick-me-up. There are going to be so many juicy moments throughout the month as Taurus energy unlocks joy, financial flexibility and emotional stability to do as you please. It leaves you asking yourself: “What if I could live my life like this everyday?” Spirit’s immediate response? You can, and it starts now! 9 of Cups speaks of wishes being fulfilled and access granted to celebrate your blessings through softening your gaze around what hasn’t been working and zooming in on the consistent fruitful aspects of your life. When you rest in gratitude and the knowingness that all of your needs are already met, you will recognize a shift in how you respond to stressors or inconveniences. There is less of an urgency of “figuring things out” when you trust that Spirit’s plan has always been in motion. Take your time and relish in those sweet spots, whether it’s an extended bath paired with a homemade blush sangria or taking extra time to get that winged liner perfect because you just know it will make you feel good. Caring for yourself looks like investing more energy into routines that celebrate the art of craftsmanship and self-love. Delegate a few additional minutes in the morning for your daytime beauty regimen, curate unique looks and celebrate the blessing of living another day to creatively express yourself. You’ll be surprised what surfaces by looking exactly how you feel: damned good.

Leo | Queen of Swords

“B*tch don’t kill my vibe” is exactly your energy of the season. You are feeling audacious, to say the least, which is trickling down to your self-expression. You’re ready to show up in the world in a new light and make an unapologetically bold statement. The colors red and green are activating your heart and root chakras. I envision you making semi or permanent changes that stamp who you are declaring to be in this next chapter of your life. There’s something deeply powerful about red hair, lips or polish that screams confidence and self-assurance. You know who you are and you don’t care about external perceptions. You aren’t afraid to say what people are thinking or feeling, and a new announcement or modification is going to propel you into a role that many people respect and celebrate, because you keep it real. When people look at you, they may  be surprised by your career path or gifts because it defies societal norms. Living and speaking your truth paves the way for others to courageously follow in your footsteps. When you’re taking an unconventional route, haters are to be expected. Make your boundaries clear and put your foot down when need be. A tough conversation may be necessary, but it will exemplify your ability to graciously advocate for yourself or others. You have a natural gift of pulling truth and raw expression out of your community through storytelling and interviewing. This could be a sign to lead your own revolution! 

Virgo | 10 of Swords

It’s time to cut loose ends and maybe even have those tough conversations that you’ve been playing over in your head. Your guides say stick a knife in it, for good, as the next few weeks unveil relationships that have run its course. Taurus season wants you to have some fun socializing and even splurge a bit when it comes to these moments. If there’s that one friend that never seems to carry their own financial weight, makes it difficult to have fun, constantly complains about the things that bring you joy, or doesn’t hold space for you to be yourself, Spirit is showing you that you are outgrowing the connection. Don’t allow your relationships to slow down your pace! Make space for relationships that are comforting, unleash a playful side of you and align with your goals. Identify where your relationships stand to help you prune away the connections you’ve invested in out of perceived obligation, nostalgia or comfort. It will be more apparent than ever who is no longer vibrating on the same frequency as you. Consider taking a cord-cutting bath to help remove any debris, close a chapter of your life and prepare you to manifest new friendships that vibe with your lifestyle today. The Universe claims “out with the old and in with the new.” 

Libra | 5 of Wands

When change arises, the easiest way to adapt to the cycle is to surrender. The solar eclipse around April 30 can feel like a difficult one as Spirit challenges you to open up to what is for you. Remember that when you resist the divine flow of the Universe, you are also resisting your fate—a destiny that is uniquely crafted around your purpose and imprint on this Earth. Make room for the Universe to reveal new manifestations while loosening your grip on fixed outcomes. Your guides are using the word “contractions” to describe those painful triggers that can feel like harsh reminders of feeling conflicted about something or someone. These contractions are signals from Spirit that your life is on the brink of major change and transformation; you are evolving into a more sovereign version of yourself. It is up to you to discern if this is a lesson in resilience and sticking through the mud or if this is a lesson in self-prioritization and raising your standards. Minor inconveniences might occur if you are expecting to launch a project, but these  challenges can pivot your manifestation for the better. Go with the flow. For many of you, you’ve been dealing with personalities that are temperamental and walking on eggshells isn’t healthy for anyone. At the end of this cycle, you are showing up as an empowered version of yourself with a new set of skin to show for it. Light a candle to honor who you are becoming and peacefully cleanse away distractions and disruptions. Your guides are cheering you on from the sidelines as you step into your power by facing tough criticism, dealing with competitors, closing some doors and opening others. No one will ever be able to stop what is meant for you. Keep growing and glowing!

Scorpio | Seven Of Pentacles

At different phases of our lives, we welcome and manifest connections and opportunities that reflect our yearnings in those moments. Seven of Pentacles asks you to take inventory of what you’ve consistently been pouring your heart into or giving a fair shot. Ask yourself: “Is it still serving me?” This trickles down to even the mundane parts of day, like changing your workout routine or removing a skincare product out of rotation because you haven’t noticed the desired change. Reevaluation and recalibration are the underlying themes of this Taurus season, and you’re called to navigate with your heart light on. Does it still bring me the same feelings as I initially felt? Does it make me feel emotionally supported? Is my kindness valued? Do I feel safe here? If this situation has pushed you to shut off your well of love, you are being lovingly guided to a new circumstance that allows you to express, receive and provide love on tap with full reciprocity. Work with the magical properties of coffee, used traditionally in ceremonies (try a scrub!) to restore one’s energy, ward off bad juju and speed up your manifestations. You are entering a crossroads that reminds you that when something isn’t working you have free will to pivot!

Sagittarius | Knight of Pentacles

After an extended period of waiting by your phone and refreshing your email for something—anything—finally you have an update! Aries season gave you clarity on what projects, relationships or ideas you should be nurturing, but there was a limbo moment that left you in suspense, impatiently waiting for the green light. During this time, you were able to brainstorm brilliant ideas, strategies, templates, and even create mock-ups, pitches or sketches to give this soul-stirring download a visual identity. You’ve accumulated new tools, considered the time and energy required of you, plus weighed the pros and cons. After clarity comes action. This cosmic waiting room that you’ve been sitting in now opens its door to you and greets you with something tangible that you’ve been working hard for. You have an opportunity to materialize what’s been in your head and in your heart. It’s follow through season, and integrating sustainable habits and routines will support this new opportunity or person coming into your life. Spirit says you have to make time and space for what you want, and just because you get what you want doesn’t mean it will be a seamless process. As your daily tasks shift, it’s detrimental to work on a consistent schedule (try investing in a weekly calendar desk pad) to maintain accountability and punctuality. With great reward comes great responsibility. Your life is doing a 180 this season, from lots of free time to being booked and busy months in advance. When you’re making boss moves, you’ll want your style to reflect that, too. I see you attending corporate events with a black tie dress code, making you prone to collecting more formal pieces like gowns and pant suits with opulent details. Get your gala looks ready!

Capricorn | Ace of Wands

You’re truly in your element with the sun transits into an earthly energy. Typically Taurus season encourages us to balance work and play, but truthfully you’ve been putting in the work, so now it’s your time to play! The Universe is encouraging you to pursue activities, ideas, hobbies, and places that spark joy. Inviting orange and yellow into your environment is a practice in sacral chakra healing by brightening your mood, stimulating creativity and even connecting you to your sacred, sensual self. The role that you’ve taken on considers the needs and stability of your family and communities, and your guides say, “get out of your head and into your body.” Consider what you can do for you. This is a potential new beginning in self-exploration and unlocking a newfound passion. Live for yourself instead of living vicariously through people you admire. You, too, can follow your bliss! Remind yourself of the foundation you’ve been strategically building for years. The hard work has granted you the flexibility to shift your lifestyle from obligation to desire. Honor your creative gifts, too. By the end of the season, an impulsive decision will be made—don’t back down. See where this adventure leads you. You owe it to yourself to explore without sticking to a set plan.

Aquarius | Temperance

Your gift from the cosmos is your unique perspective and having the foresight to predict what we need to collectively evolve. The downside to that is being so future-forward that you can sometimes neglect the present moment. The Universe reminds you to come back down to earth and stabilize your energy. Alchemists live by the principle “as above, so below.” Create a balance within the spiritual and physical worlds, giving yourself time and space to actively participate in both. If you’ve been neglecting your healing or spiritual journey, return to practices that connect you to the divine, like delegating time for prayer and working with the energies of the planets. If life has been all work and no play, has your health been kicked to the back burner? Examine how you can live more intentionally and find a healthy flow. The overarching theme is balance: what has been out of balance and what can you do to return to a balanced state of being? Patience is a virtue with this energy. Pray for restoration and tranquility so that you can restore balance with ease. Don’t rush the process either, the integration of long-term habits takes time. Your future self wants you to envision what your life will look like, then contemplate what you can do right now to steadily transform into that person. What needs to be pruned and which new seeds can you plant? Taurus season is a beautiful time to plant new seeds in your garden of life and take small strides to becoming who you’ve always envisioned yourself to be. And so it is! 

Pisces | The Sun

“Feelin’ Myself” by Beyoncé x Nicki is the soundtrack to your life this season. It feels like a homecoming; you’re being initiated into the most authentic version of yourself in a long time. There’s a spirit of freedom swirling around you to reconnect you to your inner child and times when things felt simpler. Yes, there was less to lose but there was also a lot less dialogue that influenced your behaviors. Take initiative on the things that scare you as an act of inner child healing. When your primary focus is leaning into your own inner light, your radiance outshines low-vibrational energies that have tricked you into believing you needed dimmers. Switching those dimmers off will reinvigorate your entire being, making your unique gifts, beauty and charm undeniable. Solar energy is powerful medicine and consistently taking vitamin D will also boost your mood and level out your hormones, especially if you’ve been feeling unmotivated. Retreating to natural environments will also inspire you. Take weekend trips to vibrant locations. Skip the itinerary and allow the Universe to lead the way. Amplify your glow by being a walking beam of light. Those who shine just as you do will gravitate towards your spirit naturally. Making yourself more visible will summon new experiences, but keep your energy protected because the moths will swarm you too. Stay discerning about people’s intentions and don’t shy away from stating your boundaries!

Aries | The Tower

Time for a revamp and a revolution! Sweeping things that are blocking your confidence, freedom and security are no longer an option. The Tower shakes up fickle energy by revealing our blind spots, forcing us to rebuild a new foundation. Consider this a checkpoint from the Universe. Will you proceed to take old baggage to new destinations or will you design your belongings around your new destination? It is the perfect time to rebrand yourself, and your environment falls under that umbrella. The more space you make for Spirit to rearrange the foundational details of your life, the less you will have to worry about old and new forces clashing. Purge your closet, pantries and vanities. Rid yourself of negativity, cleanse your house with sacred smoke like dragon’s blood or frankincense, purge your closets, pantries and vanities, and let the Universe work its magic. Acknowledge situations that appear to be bringing more chaos than peace and embrace the change with open arms. These life alterations are supporting your evolution and there are a few things you’ve outgrown. Sometimes cleaning up can get a little messy, but your purpose is too expensive for what you’ve been excusing. A clean slate provides flexibility to co-create with the Universe a life that meets your standards on all levels. You may also feel an intuitive pull to rearrange your home to welcome change.

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