CocoaCentric Chanti Pearl Cuff Hoop



Turn up the sophistication a notch with our pearl hoop earring cuff combo. These ear cuff are an exclusive signature style mix of both a hoop and pearl earring, these are great for those without pierced ears, since they have no posts. Made from 18K Gold plated- environmentally brass, faux pearls and tarnish free + hypoallergenic! (*SOLD AS A PAIR)


HOW TO PUT ON THE EAR CUFFS: Take the ear cuff starting at the bottom of the ear lobe. Slide cuff opening upwards onto your ear lobe, gently sliding the cuff onto the edge of your ear. Once the ear cuff is on properly it will rest securely inside the cup of your ear. Gently pull to test security and adjust for desired placement. Once in place, these will painlessly hang from the dip in your ear. To remove, gently slide down to ear lobe.


18K Gold Plated


About the size of a Quarter