InBooze Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit



A fresh way to create the timeless cocktail you know and love. Blending dehydrated oranges, sweet Michigan cherries, and handmade bitters infused sugar cubes, this infusion kit pairs perfectly with your favorite bourbon, whiskey, or brandy.


Looking for a new kind of cocktail? Each handmade InBooze packet contains one pouch filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices and herbs to infuse your alcohol. The kit infuses enough for 8-10 cocktails.



Place the infusion bag in a container, try a mason jar, and fill it with your favorite alcohol. Cover and allow to infuse for at least 3 days. Remove the infusion pouch and your alcohol is ready to enjoy!


For the Old Fashioned, it is normally paired with a nice large ice cube on the rocks or with a splash of soda water. Use the infused cherries or oranges for garnish.



Deyhdrated Oranges, Dehydrated Cherries, Homemade Sugar Cube