Omi Woods Necklace- The Coffee Bean



The coffee bean is the star of this delicate, handmade necklace by jewelry maker Omi Woods. According to legend, the coffee bean originated in Ethiopia when a goat hoarder, after observing his goats eat the berries from the tree, saw that they became more energetic. He brought this information to local monks who created a drink from the beans. The Coffee Ceremony is now practiced in Ethiopia to bring together families, neighbors, and visitors.


18K Gold Vermeil (18K Gold over Sterling Silver)

Made with fair trade African gold and conflict-free fine metals.



The pendant measures 16mm x 10mm. Delicate chain.



Gold Vermeil designs should not be polished but dipped in a silver cleaning solution.  Reduce their exposure to sweat, moisture, oils, perfumes, and abrasion to maintain the plated layer of gold.