Sweet July Resistance Bands



The perfect addition to your at-home gym, the Sweet July Resistance Bands help to build muscle, increase strength, and improve flexibility. Best of all, they’re lightweight and portable. The convenient (and chic) mesh carrying case means your resistance bands can go wherever your workout takes you. Each set comes with three bands that vary in size and strength to achieve a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups. Sweet July Resistance Bands are made for everyone, from beginners to experienced fitness pros.


1 Heavy (Black) 14.96″ Long, 3″ Wide Band

1 Medium (Green) 14.96″ Long, 3″ Wide Band

1 Light (Camel) 14.96″ Long, 3″ Wide Band



50% Cotton, 35% Latex, 10% Polyester

Mesh Carry Bag & Getting Started Guide


Made in China