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How Ayesha Stays Present

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

That’s why it’s so important for me to keep my focus on the present. But the meaning behind that saying didn’t crystallize for me until after I gave birth to Canon, my third child.

“Being present is about enjoying the space you’re in, before it passes you by.”

I had a really rough pregnancy and I was in and out of the hospital. Less than eight weeks after having Canon, I started working again. I was shooting a TV show, and trying to pump and do all these things simultaneously, and eventually I realized that to be the best me for the people in my life, I needed to stop feeling guilty about taking care of myself.

So often, we set goals for ourselves, we reach them, and we don’t take the time to bask in them. It’s always, “What’s next?” For me, being present is about enjoying the space you’re in, before it passes you by. Here’s what works for me right now:


Ayesha Curry photographed by Thayer Gowdy for Sweet July magazine.

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