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Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Libra Season 2022

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

As the sun moves into the sign of Libra from September 23 to October 23, the scales are leveling themselves out. Libra is ruled by Venus, the feminine planet that shines a light on matters of love and the things we value. We’ll feel prone to put more intention into our fashion choices (it’s no coincidence that Libra season falls right in the midst of fashion week!) and beauty rituals—we’ll maybe even consider how our presentation adjusts based on the people in our presence. How can you express yourself in an authentic way that honors yourself and the expectations of every  environment? Libra energy is all about finding this balance. 

The Equinox falls on September 22, introducing the final half of the year. What changes can you implement that will make you feel more harmonious with your relationships? This time requires you to be honest with yourself and what your heart needs. The New Moon in Libra on Sunday, September 25 is a powerful portal to manifest connections that are reciprocal and can strengthen goals that you’ve already laid the groundwork for. 

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Libra | Ace of Wands

You’ll regain your sense of purpose through a much-needed creative renaissance as brilliant ideas are channeled through you. Your bedtime will pivot into brainstorming sessions, so leave space in your evening schedules for spontaneous dates, moodboarding, and learning new skills. The “love at first sight” moments that catch you when you least expect it will be a special focus this month. You could be obsessing over a new hobby or making an instant connection with a new person in your life. You’re inching farther away from your comfort zone. Remember that authenticity always wins. When you are transparent with your desires, it makes it easier for your guides and those around you to support those desires. Embodying positive energy, prioritizing self-care and leaning into the qualities that make you unique all make up the blueprint for the love you want to receive in healthy relationships. You may bravely take an impromptu trip (literally or figuratively) to prove you are ready for love. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to open your heart—sometimes you don’t know what you need until it presents itself. Let your heart do the choosing!

Scorpio | 9 of Wands

This season, surrender to your ancestral protection covering you. Your mantra for Libra season is “create and conquer.” You don’t not have to prove your worth. Turn a blind eye to anything or anyone that doesn’t see you. Trust your instincts when they tell you to dream bigger. Betting on yourself feels like a leap, especially when you’re unprepared, but you will be so much happier and liberated. Inner child healing shows up in the form of  exercising your right to remove yourself from environments, people, places, habits, and situations that rain on your parade. Spend extra time praying to loved ones who have passed on and ask them for support, strength and protection. Nurturing your spiritual relationships will help you speed past roadblocks. As your season approaches, you’ll be shedding dead weight in your relationships or at least taking a break. At this time, do you feel more at ease enjoying your own company or around the company of others? Choose your peace, guilt-free! 

Sagittarius | 7 of Wands

The Universe wants to ensure you’re trusting the process—even the parts you can’t see. Elevate your vibration by burning affirmative candles and dispelling negative energy around you. Libra season will expose hidden agendas or illusions that could be compromising your growth. For some of you, it will be haters, trolls, or even your own self-sabotaging thoughts. You may feel like you don’t have enough clarity on where you’re headed, tempting you to question things. But keep going: You have the expertise and knowledge needed to spearhead your own projects and discoveries. Self-correct when you feel yourself falling into the trap of self-doubt and enforce strong boundaries to prevent internalizing people’s projections of you. Your life may look different than what you expected, but the Universe will reassure you that it’s heading in a direction greater than you could ever imagine. Take heed of the changes you are feeling pushed to make, but avoid sharing your ideas with others before you make a firm decision.

Capricorn | Seven of Swords

Don’t let your thoughts start interrogating your own success. It may be a good time to unplug on socials to avoid comparison. No one can be you—don’t let your imposter syndrome tell you otherwise. Envision positive hypotheticals that cater to your most ambitious goals. What will that moment feel like? Who are the key people you intend to share your bliss with? Journal a gratitude list when waking up. Manifestations speed up once you recognize you’re already living the dream. Spend time outside letting the sun kiss you and the grass tickle your toes to ground your energy. Be strategic with your workload this month to avoid feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities—try a new planning or scheduling process to relieve the stress. Don’t make any major announcements until you’ve thoroughly completed your research and feel clear-headed. It’s best to hold on making any decisions until after Mercury goes direct on October 2nd. Implementing white garments into your daily wardrobe will help you feel cool, calm and collected as you wait things out. Next time you wash your hair, add coconut water to your rinse and set intentions for mental grounding, patience, and discernment.

Aquarius | 7 of Wands (Reverse)

A quick word from J. Cole: “Fool me one time, shame on you, fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you.” With retrograde season still pulling out our edges, matters of the past may find their way back to your front door, but it’s on you to decide if it’s worth letting in. A text message, email, note or phone call that rekindles old feelings, but stand your ground and don’t bend your boundaries. When we’re manifesting a new goal, sometimes our spirit guides test us and throw familiar situations our way to determine our commitment to the things we claim we want. Entertaining situations, old relationships or toxic habits that aren’t in alignment with our core values informs the Universe that we aren’t yet ready for what we asked for. Try your best to not be swayed by temporary stimulants or short-term solutions that will only make you feel good for the moment. Just know you are in for a huge surprise that’s much greater than the temptation you’ve been bombarded with. Avoid making major purchases and save your coins wisely because there may be an opportunity to invest in.  

Pisces | Strength

This season is all about feeding yourself with activities and entertainment that light up your soul. Immerse yourself in the worlds of art, fashion and beauty and apply these inspirations to your own endeavors. Chat it up with your Leo companions, soaking in their vibrant energy. Think about who the cheerleaders are in your life and connect with them—they’ll definitely get you out of your head. Monitoring your social media use and setting time limits will force you to spend more time pursuing things that inspire you, rather than drain you. Don’t allow what others are creating to stop you from creating. Even if you feel you’ve been beaten to the punch on an endeavor or idea, don’t give up! This could be a blessing in disguise, granting you access to reimagine and strengthen what you’ve been working towards. Master your emotions in these times of distress and stay open to innovative solutions. If you’re feeling tested, dive into the world of an entertaining and inspiring book.

Aries | Ace of Cups

You’ve been protecting your heart space and preserving your peace, but the Universe senses your desire to experience love in its truest forms. Adorn yourself with talismans that strengthen your feminine power. You have a well of love to pour from, but in the past you’ve poured into situations that didn’t reciprocate your efforts. Soon, the Universe will be ushering in a special connection that feels like a safe space for you. You will know it’s designed especially for you because, just like Cinderella trying on the glass slipper, it will just fit. This doesn’t solely apply to romantic relationships, it can be a new business partnership or financial opportunity, such as a dream job that opens up for you. Or this is the confirmation to create that dream job yourself! Libra season feels like the perfect balance of securing the bag and opening your heart to true love. Don’t miss out on either by shying away from commitment. Magic is around you and you are bringing to life manifestations that have been brewing in your heart for years! 

Taurus | 10 of Pentacles

You have been consistently working towards long-term abundance and the Universe affirms that none of this work will be in vain! Each experience, connection, conversation and job responsibility is an investment towards your future. You have a strong desire to create generational wealth and you’re making it happen. When your mission is that expansive, it takes a little more groundwork. Learn more about your ancestors and the challenges and wins they experienced while they were here. Our greatest lessons can be received through examining cycles and habits that have been passed down to us. What can you learn through these stories? Legacy is going to be a word that comes up for you often. You’ll feel pulled to learn the stories and traditions of loved ones who have passed on, or to learn more about ancestral veneration, an honoring practice that’s embraced across various cultures. 

Gemini | Strength

This stage in your life requires your most disciplined and focused self. This season is all about walking the walk without doing too much talking. There are lessons in each step you take, and those gems you gain right now are exclusively for you. Create a playlist of tunes that boosts your pride and reaffirms your power. The less you engage with low vibrational energy, gossip and comparison, the more untouchable you will be. Steer away from oversharing premature ideas, especially if you’re prone to changing your mind after getting a second opinion. Shadow work can conquer feelings of seeking validation from those you admire. The Universe is your biggest co-signer and sometimes the only one you need. Your creative juices are flowing, so follow through with inspired action. Some of you are being forced to make a difficult decision in the midst of a rough patch. The Universe advocates for this transition, whether it’s a move to a new city, job swap or even a full career pivot. Pack light and leave any old baggage behind. Taking this risk will be a catalyst for change, unlocking opportunities to flourish and thrive. Stop feeling guilty for chasing your dreams!

Cancer | 8 of Pentacles

You are uncovering new ways to become your best self and Libra season is an extension of this pursuit. It’s a good time to reflect on how you cater to yourself and check off tasks on your bucket list. What do you need to do to feel whole? Is there anything impeding your happiness? Your soul echoes from across the globe and it’s time to get out of the house! New cultures and landscapes grant perspective and clarity. Sometimes we become so implanted in our day-to-day routines that we forget there are other ways to live and grow. Self-progression looks like ejecting yourself from mundane routines and shaking things up by taking a weekend getaway, or a road trip. Maybe you’re considering a job offer in a new city or going back to school for a new trade. You don’t have to compromise your comfort for success—explore options that will allow you to hold down your household responsibilities whilst honoring your commitments to yourself. This could also be an opportunity to receive support from your tribe. Can’t change your environment? Bring newness to you with tropical floral arrangements, salt baths, or even a weekend staycation!

Leo | 6 of Wands

A karmic lesson this season is to not internalize outside perceptions of you, be it positive or negative. There is going to be a lot of attention drawn towards you this season. Be your own cheerleader and continue to view yourself through your own lens instead of the lenses of others. You may be sharing a new accomplishment, creating viral content, introducing a new signature scent or changing your image in an unexpected way. It will be well-received, but don’t let it get to your head. You could experience a surge in social media following and/or new people reaching out to work with you. Ground yourself with people you trust and who feel like home to you. You’ll feel most comfortable being nurtured by the people closest to you—people like your best friend, mother, and aunties. It’s nice to feel seen by the world, but it’s also comforting to feel seen by those who truly know you. Great news is also en route regarding your home or a family member.

Virgo | Temperance

What needs to be tempered at this time? To help discover the answer, double down on the communication with your significant other(s), business partners and close friends—especially those with Aries and Gemini placements. Keep partners in the loop about the financial investments you’re pursuing, down to the urges to make changes to your physical being, such as a makeover. Identity and self-perception are recurring themes for you as you hone in on what feels in alignment with what you’ve been working towards. Make an effort to work through any kinks, rather than starting over. You’re inevitably securing a new bag, but this process can’t be rushed! Bring compassion, empathy, understanding and sweetness into your aura. Instead of harboring over what’s changing, embrace the elevation that’s occurring before your eyes and celebrate the shifts that are pushing you closer to your most authentic self. Remain rooted in love and don’t allow level-ups to change who you are. Money may give you access to new resources, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the love that is, or soon will be, around you!

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